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Tartak - 39,5g

Basic information:

Observed fall: No
Year found: 2012
Country: Poland
Mass: 7,6 kg

Classification: Iron meteorite (IIIAB)


Dimension: ~52,x32x4mm

Weight: 39,5g



History: The metorite was found during a search for military armaments from WW II.

Petrography: This structural description mainly based on a heavily etched slab with a total area (on opposite sides) of 40 cm2. Neumann lines in different orientations are densely spaced in the kamacite. Small FeS inclusions are common, typically 3×1 mm. Kamacite shows evidence of impact-associated reheating. Swathing kamacite around FeS has recrystallized to small (mm-size) grains. Sample is moderately weathered near the surface; one dark oxide grain has dimensions of 5×8 mm. No heat-altered zone has been recognized. Examination of a small polished section showed tiny rhabdites to be common with some coarser schreibersite (typically 20×400 μm). Troilite grains commonly show daubreelite lamellae. Cu metal has been noted as an inclusion near troilite. Cohenite was found as a rim on a μm-size troilite-daubreelite nodule.

Geochemistry: Composition: Co, 5.01 mg/g; Ni, 73.7 mg/g; Ga, 19.8 μg/g; Ge, Ssyromolotovo, which was recovered in Siberia to the east. Although Tartak contains cohenite, the compositional data do not plot in IIIE Co-Au or Ga-Au fields.


Meteoritical Bulletin:  http://tiny.pl/qsp8w


Photo gallery:

  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g
  • Tartak - 39,5g


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