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                               Welcome to the ART&MET Meteorites Collection
Our adventure with meteorites began in the year 2000 after watching the movie about                        
                 two Russian meteorite hunters. That was the time when the question appeared - is it possible
                to find any materials from outer space in Poland? After only few months we reached the Morasko                                       
               meteorite strewn field. What is more, after only three days of hunting we have managed to find
               our first admirable meteorite.
               It was an amazing feeling - almost as magical as the astronomical
               object we have just discovered... We were holding our own piece of Universe in hands and were
               wondering - where did it come from?, where was it?, what was it witnessing? Moreover, we were   
               contemplating about how long was it  traveling to reach the Earth surface and how long was it
               waiting for us. It might have been lying there for hundreds or even thousands of years before we
               found it...              
                           Nineteen years have already passed since our first discovery. From that time, we are deeply
               interested in meteorites and searching for them started to be our biggest passion. We travel all
               around the world as often as possible in order to find new meteorites. We do not want to constrict
               ourselves, that is why we are looking for them not only in Poland. As a result of hunting in distant,
               exotic countries every new discovery makes us feel as enchanted as the first one.

               We would love to invite you to travel with us around the cosmic world which is extraordinary,
               fascinating, and full of adventures, the world of the oldest material on Earth which comes from the
               Universe - the world of meteorites. The most astounding fact about them is that they come from so
               distant and unknown places. And what is the most astounding for us? That we are able to discover
               them here, on Earth.
      Thanks to us and other meteorite hunters meteorites are given the chance to reborn and to fascinate
               again. They are given a second life in which they are admired as the closest pieces of Universe, just
               within arm’s reach. Many of our finds are now in the private collections, on exhibitions in Poland and
               other countries.
               You can find a lot of interesting content on our website: unbelievable experiences and incredible
               adventures of people who have absolutely devoted to their “cosmic passion” - us.



I am the member of PTM - Polish Meteoritical Society (#055) since 2003 and of IMCA - International
Meteorite Collectors Association (#2551) since 2006.






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